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  1. Style: Choose the badge style from the catalog
  1. Finish: There are several different finishes available.
    1. Rhodium plate: Rhodium is a very high quality bright silver color plating. Rhodium is an element within the Platinum metal group. It will not tarnish and is extremely durable.
    2. Gold plate: Our Gold plate is a deposit of 24 karat Gold. Although it is durable it will wear with age.
    3. Maxi-Gold: Maxi-Gold is a heavy fusion of 24 karat Gold plate sealed with a clear coat. This durable finish is our premium Gold plate finish.
    4. Gold filled: A veneer of karat Gold mechanically bonded to a brass base. This finish is second only to solid Gold in quality.
    5. Noble Tone: Noble tone uses both Rhodium and Gold plate to create a two tone effect. Available on all badge styles. The finish is protected by a clear coat. Alloy G and Alloy S noble tone combinations can be supplied on “C" badges only.
i. G on S: Rhodium badge with Gold plate panels.

ii. S on G: Gold plate badge with Rhodium panels.

    1. Alloy G: A non-precious metal that is Gold in color. It is not plated. The golden color is throughout the badge.
    2. Alloy S: A non-precious metal that is silver in color. It is not plated. The silver color is throughout the badge. (**both Alloy G and Alloy S are coated with a clear coat to protect the finish**)
  1. Lettering: Lettering is the next decision. All custom lettering within reason that is engraved on your badge is included in the price. Nielsen Mfg. letters all its' badges with computerized engraving machines. This insures you evenly spaced lettering of uniform depth. You can choose either Block or Seraph Roman style letters.

a. Each section on the badge where lettering can be engraved has a name. These sections are usually arranged around a seal or center piece. They are:








  1. Letter Color: Black, blue, red, and green are the most popular lettering colors.
    1. Standard enamel paint is used to color the letters on Gold and Rhodium plate badges.
    2. Hard enamel is baked glass enamel. The hard enamel in the letters is stoned flush with the surface of the badge. This process that creates highly reflective permanent color is entirely done by hand. Hard enamel letters are standard on Maxi-Gold, Noble-Tone, and Gold-Filled badges and Alloy G & S.
    3. Standing letters are a popular custom feature especially on C series badges. The letters are raised metal. They are usually standing in a field of colored enamel.
  1. Center Seal: Uncolored or what is referred to as a plain seal are standard on all badges. Besides seals and insignia as centers, raised numbers are also available. Colored and full color seals are extra cost options on Rhodium and Gold plate badges. They are standard on Maxi-Gold, Noble-tone, Gold filled, and Alloy G & S.
  1. Attachments: How the badge will be used will determine the attachment. The attachment is included in the cost of the badge. Attachments are:
Hat attachment


Money Clip

Wallet Clip

Safety Pin Assembly (pin for coat)

Plaque Mount

Tie Bar

Flat or curved with no attachment

****Money clip and Wallet clip badges are flat unless otherwise noted. All other badges are dapped or shaped unless flat is specified****

  1. Breakpoints: Star and Dot breakpoints are available at no extra cost on badges with circular panels to separate the upper and lower halves of the panel.
Other extra cost options available on Nielsen badges:

Colored badge backgrounds

A tab or small panel that is not standard on a badge style

A full size panel that is not standard on a badge style

Custom lettered center pieces

Gold plated centers on Rhodium badges

Rhodium plated centers on Gold plated badges

Engraving on the back of badges

Second line of engraving